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Korbell Plus Refills 3pk


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Korbell Plus Refills 3pk

Sturdy and stretch-resistant, Korbell's powder-scented liners will securely hold your dirty nappies without breaking, tearing or falling apart.

The economically-priced refill liners for the Korbell Nappy Disposal System come on a unique continuous roll, giving you the flexibility to create bags of different sizes. So there's no need to waste liner material if you want to empty the unit before it is full. Plus, Korbell doesn't waste liner material individually wrapping each nappy, resulting in further savings for you.

Use the most environmentally-friendly solution available Korbell's liners are 100% biodegradable in landfills and made with 20% recycled materials. Biodegradable liners are tough and flexible, strong and tear resistant. Liners will completely biodegrade in both landfill and compost sites.

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